Since the March 2022 I have been testing the incredible new AI programme MidJourney and have been getting some really wild results. As a power user Ive been collecting a great deal of oddities in various styles and tones, far too many to show all.¬† Below are a few randomly chosen examples of the styles and madness I’m trying to capture. The programme can and does create¬†pretty stuff, I’m naturally pulled towards the weird and wonky. Please don’t continue if you want to hold onto your lunch.

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A few pages from a very large collection.

Fairies & Devils

Ladies of the Deep

AI Children’s Book – Peter’s Funeral

After grabbing a batch of children’s book AI artwork I tried to put a few words alongside it. Difficult to really write anything first, rather work backwards from what you find, especially if you want to keep in the same style.

AI Children’s Book – Robots for Robert

AI Children’s Book – ZOMBOY

AI Children’s Book – Chop-Chop!

AI Children’s Book – Humpty Dumpty



Seances and Hauntings



Lady in Red

60s Sci-Fi

The Little Meughhmaid

Monster High

Ward 404

20 images from a 200+ collection. B movie/70s monster film. This is my favourite batch so far, yet am constantly impressed.

Freak Show

District 404

Alien Nudie mags

Fantasy Worlds


Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Monster Punk

Hollyweird Legends

Stronzo and friends

Became quite obsessed within the first few weeks in trying to create that horrible late 70s puppet/kids show feel. Here are a few experiments from literally thousands.

Video Nasties

18th Century French Aristocracy and 17th century portraits

Book pages

The Symptoms


Fish Tank

Garbage Pail kids

Including a couple I’ve placed into card templates.



All we hear is Radio Giger

Cowboy Horror

Boardgames from hell

High School Yearbook

18th century French bugs

A Robot giving birth to a dog

With MidJourney, once you’ve typed in your ‘prompt’ you are given a selection of 4 images. From here you can go with all 4 or choose your favourite. From those you can then make a variation, which will bring up another 4 possibilities. But what if you carried on down this rabbit hole until your eyes start bleeding at 3am? I tried ‘Robot giving birth to a Dog’ and followed my favourite images into a demented hall of mirrors. Here’s original first image and the process it went through…


Gummy Bears

Batman & friends

Family Photos


Disney Princesses

17th century Beasts

This particular series went to some very dark places. Believe it or not, these are some of the milder ones.


It’s a Girl

17th century peasant body horror and then later, with a dash of ‘Tron’. Sweet Lord.

Odds and Ends