Here are some examples of my commercial work. From my time as a creative artist at Anomaly (2016-2018)

Clients: Lego, Budweiser, Cancer Research, Electrolux, Freeview, Virgin Trains, Bank of Scotland, AEG, Scottish Widows, International Women’s Week, Gordons, Captain Morgan, Unilever, Beats, Bulb & LNER.

Artworking, Layout, Retouching and Web Banners – Stand Up to Cancer

Creative photoshop designs – Lego, Ebay, Budweiser, Captain Morgan & Ancestry

Artworking, Layout, Retouching, Web Banners, Animated Gifs – Scottish Widows

Artworking, Layout, retouching, design, photography – Cancer Research

Retouching, Mockups, Artworking, Web Banners – AEG & Electrolux

Retouching, Illustration, Photography, Film, Artworking – Bank of Scotland

Flash Photography

Character Design Pitch – BBC

Character design visuals – Lego

Creative Photoshop design visuals – Freeview

Logo Design – International Women’s Week



Oli Beale – Partner/ECD at Anomaly

Douggy is one of the most talented people I’ve ever come across in my career. When I first found his website I lost hours of my life in the genius he’s created over the years. So many creative people talk about how creative they are, but Douggy, just does it. All day every day. He never stops making things. I don’t know how he finds the time because he works his arse off in the office and then presumably goes home and works all through the night on his other projects.

Douggy is also one of the nicest guys in the industry. Kind. Humble. Honest. The guy is an absolute legend. If you are ever thinking of hiring Douggy, just do it. And if you need any reassurance, call me at Anomaly and I’ll talk for hours about how great he is.


Camilla Harrison – Partner/CEO at Anomaly

Doug is truly one of a kind. Not only is he an absolutely phenomenal illustrator, but he does photography, shoots and edits video, retouches and does layouts and artworking. In fact there’s nothing I’ve ever asked that he hasn’t either done or worked out how to do! And on top of all of that, he’s got a talent for creating stuff that you could never predict (see utterphilth as just one genius example). He’s also unbelievably professional, totally reliable and just a brilliant guy to have around.


Dan Todd – Head of Studio

I had the huge pleasure of working with Doug at Anomaly, where he proved to me what a tremendous talent he is. Doug has an enviable way of thinking about things differently, which is a massive bonus creatively.
His illustration is amazing, along with his knowledge of the creative suite, retouching, editing and photography.

He was always punctual, helpful, willing to work late, and a great addition to any work environment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Doug again in the future if the opportunity arose.


Stuart Smith – Partner and CSO, Anomaly

First of all, Douglas has a truly unique and diverse set of creative skills. We hired him because we had never met anyone with his artistic perspective and type of output. Truly Douglas is a one-off.
What we couldn’t have known though, at the time of hiring, was the incredible effort and attitude Douglas would go on to demonstrate, throughout the course of his years with the company. Douglas has huge talent, yes but absolutely none of the ego that is often coupled with such talent. He is faultlessly dedicated, hard working and honest. On top of that, he really really cares about the place he works, and people he works with. He’s a lovely bloke who just gets on and does whatever task is thrown at him, without any complaint.
For all those reasons, and more, I have no hesitation in recommending Douglas.