I have always written from an early age. Poems, comics, short stories, books and jokes. This has carried forward into adult life and I’m now writing more sitcoms, screenplays and comedy sketches with my writing partner Dominic Hailstone. Please contact me if you wish to see anything.

Here’s an early example of my writing. A school workbook I found in my parent’s loft. I’m guessing I was 4 or 5.


Miles Around our World

Miles Around Our World is a series of children’s picture books I have made with my partner Caroline Harris and published by Raven Crest books. They are about a kitten called Miles, who’s thirst for discovery lands him in different parts of the world. Each time visiting a different city and given a guided tour by a different animal he befriends. The books are aimed at 4-7 year old and feature a number of games and puzzles in all of them. They are also educational so that, along with Miles, you will lean something new on each journey. We have so far done London, Paris and New York and are making plans now to send him to Amsterdam. Please visit our website to find out more and where you can buy it from. Miles Around Our World





Dogging is a sex-com I’m currently writing with Dominic Hailstone. A story about two guys, who come together, for different reasons to fight off a cult of evil doggers. Episode 1 is finished and the rest are in the works. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.


The Homesick Placenta

Something stupid for christmas.



Turd is the Word

In 2015 I created a website Turd is the Word. Over a course of 6 years I had been photographing dog poos that resembled letters and numbers. Without interfering with them or doctoring the images, keeping them totally genuine, I managed to find the entire alphabet. Turning the collection into a usable font in the form of an online name generator and world clock. The fun website highlights the dangers and problems involved with people not picking up after their dogs. Have a go yourself at turdistheword.com



LUNK is a multi-media comedy website I created in early 2012. An alternate universe about a fictional band, LUNK. The site contains music, articles, photos, memorabilia, fan letters and all sorts charting 30 years of their career. I teamed up with Uberkaboom who perform the music, and put together this demented website. Also guest stars Canadian genius Scott Thompson. (WARNING: Contains LOTS of bad language).


Grapehead Fred

Here’s a silly story I wrote and photographed in my front garden.



Issue 1 of Bourbon. This is a slightly cleaner version of the comic but still has some naughty words in there. *Adults only*




Another story here which I wrote and illustrated in 2000 then again here in 2010.