I have been using photoshop now since 1998 and have self taught myself over the years. I have done work both professionally and for the fun of it. Collected here are some bits and pieces from over the years…


In 2006 I made up a few fake film posters using photos of Eastenders character Phil Mitchell, just for the fun of sending them to my mates. They were always a laugh to do and I’d make one now and then over the years. It was only in 2015 when one of these was picked up by someone and shared on social media to a huge audience. It was then I decided to make the most of it, set up my own page and also a website. From there I went full on and created over 250 images, gifs and about 50 videos. I worked with old friend oysmyso on the music and sound for the videos and an animation with Dominic Hailstone.

This all kicked off like I never expected and was picked up and featured on the front pages of major websites such as Vice, Huffington Post, Digital Spy, Metro, Daily Express, Daily Star, The Sun and many others. Videos were even played on TV and one of the songs was played on BBC Radio 1. The facebook page grew organically and currently has over 100,000 followers and millions of shares, likes and views.

Below is a small selection of images, a ton more pictures and videos can be seen on the UtterPhilth website and on the Facebook page.

Over The Shoulder

For a short while I was picking out people in the backgrounds of my photos and dropping them into funny scenes. A few here.

Putin’s Lunchbox

In 2016 I worked on a live cartoon chatshow ‘Putin’s Lunchbox’, in which live guests were interviewed by a cartoon Vladimir Putin (Nathaniel Tapley). I created the title animation, logo, various graphics throughout, backgrounds, short animated segments and even live puppetering of Putin. Produced by Framestore, The Poke and Rathergood.

Comedy Action Figures

Here are some action figures I mocked up. Some of which were featured in an article in comedy mag Mustard.



When I was growing up in the early 80s my dad would paint monsters onto family photos of my sister and I using acrylics. These were always the best photos in our albums, usually of monsters sneaking up on us (some examples in the first image). The photos were never staged though, the monsters would just turn up unexpectedly when we least expected it. This led to me wanting to do my own years later using photoshop. Albeit nowhere near as good as my dad’s paintings, here are a bunch of monsters, robots, skeletons, trees and insects created in photoshop. 2004-2012.

creatures12roseelephanttreekiss4tree smile faceheads664451_10152167693925696_669746460_o293132_10150805210725696_1018862220_nhandymagicmonsters3bonesfleurmonsters2monsters1dolphinladytreebigben monstereyetheboys2

Eastenders Social

Around 2015/2016 I was doing all the social content for Eastenders through the BBC. For facebook/twitter/instagram etc. Here are a few of them


Band Photography

I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of my favourite bands over the years including Faith no More, Fantomas, Melvins, Bardo Pond, Tom Mansi, Uberkaboom and most recently, on set photography for Tool.


theworldishersbealehooddarth vader yoyo

pillow talk

goonies chunk



smokeybourbonsweepdick sculpt

Straight up Advertising

land rover