The Making of Thistle

Thistle is finally finished, and after 2 years of screaming at my computer I can say it’s a big relief.

I worked on this at home over weekends and through the night when I got back from work. Taking over 10,000 photos to bring this little guy to life. Below are a whole heap of bits and pieces which led up to final film.

I made the film for everyone, it didn’t have any dialogue in it so it can be watched by anyone all over the world. It was originally going to be narrated with a poem I’d written for it but there’s so much going on in the film it really didn’t need it in the end.

Here are some drawings I did to begin with in 2006. It was going to be a 2d cartoon to begin with..


The storyboards I scribbled up which originally I handed to my friend Ian Spendloff who was going to make it in CGI. I still used these loosely when photographing the shots.


Here are some behind the scenes photos I took throughout the course of making the film.


Some Posters




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