Electric Meat


Electric Meat was a half hour show that I made with old school friend Paul Goodman. It was about a group of kids sat round a table talking about old tv shows they remembered, which of course we then showed, a bunch of made up tv show clips.

In amongst all this were sketches and little cartoony bits we’d made. A lot influenced by the mighty ‘Amazon women on the moon’ and ‘The Groove tube’.

Below are some clips I’ve shoved on youtube, will try and stick up the whole thing at some stage. So there.



Pink Feathers

 A film I made with mates Paul Goodman and Carey Williams. Puppet Kangaroo goes missing  in the big smoke and gets screwed up on drugs and dumb broads.
Music ‘Pink Feathers’ by a less hairy Matthew Rozeik . 2004 or 2005, can’t remember..



After drawing a cartoon character for a glowstick company for them to use as their logo, they sent me an enormous box of glowsticks, hundreds of the things. It sat in my room for about a year before deciding to go to the woods one night with my mate Dom and just film something stupid. So we did and this is the mess that came out. We couldn’t see anything other than the glowsticks as we were quite deep in the woods, it was really trippy. Fell over the same Barbed wire fence about 3 times and Dom almost blinded himself when a glowstick blew up in his face. September 2005 about 3am.

Music ‘Not Fall’ by Matthew Rozeik.
Edited by Paul Goodman


Pighead – Living with eating disorders

livingwitheating.jpg pom1.JPG

The band Colt (then ‘Living with eating disorders’) decided to play a night and screen several short films made especially for the occasion. I was asked to make one, so I chose the song ‘Feeling’ from the selection of songs they gave out. That weekend was hoddesdon’s (my home town) carnival, so I dressed up in a pighead and white chefs overalls and ran about with my old school mate Rich, my sister, and her mate. 2005.

The rest of the videos can be seen here.. http://myspace.com/parliamentofmonsters

Living with Eating Disorders – Feeling from Douglas Pledger on Vimeo.


I walk through Leicester square quite often when going to work in London and for a while now I’ve been seeing a certain caricaturist who sets up his stall there. “His” displayed works show cartoons of film stars such as James Dean, Roger Moore, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, etc. and are really quite impressive. However…they’re not his own drawings, but of a guy called Jean Mulatier whose book I happen to own, which of course is the same book this phoney has taken his photocopies from. I have no connection with Mulatier, but after reading the foreword he’s written in his book, saw that he is strongly passionate about his work, and that’s enough to know nobody should touch it. After seeing this guy set up in the square for months on end my blood couldn’t curdle any longer, so one day my mate Milly, a video camera, the book, and myself went to pay him a little visit.



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