I walk through Leicester square quite often when going to work in London and for a while now I’ve been seeing a certain caricaturist who sets up his stall there. “His” displayed works show cartoons of film stars such as James Dean, Roger Moore, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, etc. and are really quite impressive. However…they’re not his own drawings, but of a guy called Jean Mulatier whose book I happen to own, which of course is the same book this phoney has taken his photocopies from. I have no connection with Mulatier, but after reading the foreword he’s written in his book, saw that he is strongly passionate about his work, and that’s enough to know nobody should touch it. After seeing this guy set up in the square for months on end my blood couldn’t curdle any longer, so one day my mate Milly, a video camera, the book, and myself went to pay him a little visit.



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